Monday, October 29, 2012

Jamie Mcintyre - Top 3 Wealth Creation Strategies

In this text, I'll make clear the top 3 wealth creation methods I learned with Jamie McIntyre. One of them enabled me to support my folks after losing my job.

Select one of these techniques and apply it solidly to achieve financial freedom. And don't stop teaching yourself and finding out about the strategy in depth.

Keep reading to understand what I'm talking about:

1 - Share Renting

Renting shares is an expression created by Jamie to elucidate an options trading methodology called covered calls. An investor can generate unceasing cash flow from options premiums issued against a share owned by that financier. That is the reason why it is called'renting'.

When a backer understands a stock market worth won't experience massive range over a time period, the financier will write a call option contract against that share for the same period. He will get the premium shortly after he writes the contract generating instant cash.

The investor purchasing the contract expects the value of the stock will go up shortly and has the choice to buy the stock for a price lower than the market valuation.

Covered call is a popular methodology for financiers wanting to benefit additional income while keeping his shares which overtime lowers the risk of owning that stock. In addition to the cash generated, the financier can still get' other stock benefits such as dividends and voting permission.

Obviously you must talk with a financial advisor to help you choose the best pick for this method and deal with the operational issues.

2 - Real Estate Investing with No Deposit

This technique is really helpful for beginner property stockholders that want to go into the investment but don't have any money.

You purchase an off the plan property and barter a 10% discount. You must look foroccasions to get price cuts without using property developers and avoid purchasing a property that will not increase in worth overtime.

You use a bank deposit bond to pay for the ten percent deposit and secure a 90% loan on the original property price.

Next, you negotiate the settlement for a substantial time frame and you'll have time to find tenants to pay for the rest of the mortgage.

This is a quick version of the method and you may learn it in more detail in the home study. But it shows you a possibility you might never imagined.

3 - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate internet marketing is a Net business strategy that allows you to sell other people products on the Net for money.

Almost endless of firms or merchants use affiliates to commercialize their goods in order to spend less money promoting and reaching more people.

An affiliate register a website around a slot or sub segment of the market and advocates a product to an audience. When a user click a recommended link, arrives on the merchant's internet site and and buy a product the affiliate get his cut.

The commission format alter and an affiliate can receive a % proportion of the sale, a fixed worth for a subscription or lifetime takings.

The alternative of products are unlimited and you can definitely find a product that pleases a massive audience and still is of your interest.

In order to make money with affiliate marketing one has to drive a huge amount of visitors to the merchant website and chose a program that has proven high conversion rate.

The above mentioned strategys are ways to build wealth and let you enjoy a better situation in the future. I was thought affiliate internet marketing with Jamie McIntyre two years back which allowed be to create enough cash to pay my bills.

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