Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sales on eBay - How to Profit on eBay in Hard Times

If you want to make sales on eBay, even in tough economic times like these. take heart. In any economy, even the Great Depression of the 1930s, there are people spending money. And fortunately, eBay has a reputation as a bargain site which makes it even easier to profit on eBay.

The real estate market is in big trouble and it's clear that it will not be recovering any time soon. Yes, that's bad news ... but it does offer an opportunity for those who can see clearly. The real estate crisis means that most people can't sell their homes and buy new ones so they will chose to stay put. But for eBay sellers, this is an opportunity:

* Just like people, homes need tender loving care. Next week I'm having trees trimmed back, the paint pressure washed and the windows reglazed. Many, though, are doing this kind of repair work themselves, folks who in the past would have called a home repair service. They need tools, 'how to' instructions and supplies for this kind of work. Home repair and maintenance is currently my company's biggest money maker on eBay, Amazon & Google.

* Our neighbors are having upgrades done to their homes. Since they can't sell (at least, not profitably) they are painting, adding space and generally fixing up their current home. Many are buying new furniture and accessories, as well.

Let's look at a few sites on the more "decorative" side of this business.

1. Furniture: Eddy West

Eddy West has a large collection of furniture available at wholesale prices. In a typical wholesale site, the casual looker cannot see prices and Eddy West is no exception. They have a wide selection, though, and will dropship any furniture to the buyer. This means that if you sold their furniture, you would:

+ Not have to pay for it in advance, but would order it after your buyer has paid you. Therefore, you have no financial risk.

+ You would not be responsible for shipping whatever is sold. Instead, Eddy West would handle that for you.

2. Home Accessories: Just Got To Have It

Just Got To Have It represents a long list of designers and retailers. They have "uniquely designed gadgets and accessories for the home and office", but just like above, you cannot see prices unless you are an authorized reseller.

3. Bath Accessories: Commonwealth Soap & Toiletries

Commonwealth, in Fall River, MA., offers the kind of 'luxury spa' goodies made popular on HGTV and in high end magazines. Anything "spa" is definitely popular these days.

4. Infant and juvenile furniture and decorative accessories: Green Frog Art

Green Frog has artwork, bedding, changing tables, cradles, cribs, gifts & accents, lighting, step stools, tables & chairs and very popular 'green' items - meaning environmentally friendly. One of their descriptions reads "... green Earth cradle bedding is made from 100% certified organic cotton fabric grown, harvested, finished and dyed without harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our rich colors and beautiful prints are achieved with natural and low-impact pigments. Production is in conformance to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Each cradle bedding set is packaged in a reusable and recyclable tote bag."

Note the website heading that says, "For The Trade". This is typical on many retail sites and it means that they have both a 'public' site, with the prices you see pictured - and a 'private' area, where the prices are considerably less and unavailable to those who don't have the proper credentials.

How Can I See The Wholesale Areas Of These Sites?

What you will need to become a wholesaler, who has access to any and all sites, is a reseller tax ID. These can be obtained from your state. Most of them are free or cost a very small fee. Don't be the least bit intimidated by this requirement - it's simple. It's just a matter of filling out a form. If in doubt, contact a site you're interested in and ask them about their requirements.

Sales on eBay aren't hard - IF you're careful and pay attention to what's selling in our current economy. If you want to profit on eBay, keep up with the news and buying trends because what's selling today might be a dud tomorrow. Fortunately, one of the huge advantages of being a home-based entrepreneur and eBay seller is our flexibility. We can shift direction in a day, unlike larger companies which are slow to change. Lucky us!

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